Thursday, July 3, 2014

Third Annual App List for the 1:1 iPad Classroom

Good afternoon!

Now that we're moving into year three as a 1:1 iPad school, it has become a tradition to write a post on the tools with which we will start the year. Over the past two years, students had access to the App Store and downloaded anything they liked. As of June, the administration has decided to put the purchasing/downloading in the hands of the IT department, therefore, teachers were tasked to turn in their list of required apps for each class. Our deadline was a couple of days ago, so I'd like to share with you the apps that the French community of learners will be using in 2014-15. This year, I wanted to mention that I'm adding Duolinguo and Memrise -- two language games -- because there won't be as much competition with Flappy Bird and other such favorites, at least not on the tablets. Ha!

2014-2015 Required Apps :

Fee-Based Apps:
Explain Everything (New)
Quick Voice

Free Apps:
Duolinguo (New)
Google Docs
Google Drive
Haiku Deck (New)
Memrise (New)
Pic Collage
Shadow Puppet Edu (New)
Skype (New)
ThingLink (New)
WordReference Dictionary

Course-Specific Apps:
StoryKit (French 2)
Twitter (French 2 and 3)
Pearson's eText (AP French)

Pre-Loaded Apps on All Devices:

What are your top tools for the classroom in 2014-15?

As always, I can have free apps pushed to the devices as I discover them over the course of the year, so please let me know if you use (a preferably versatile) one that is a must-have in your classroom.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Appy July, by the way!  (Haha. I couldn't help myself.)


  1. Appy July to you too, Cristy! :D

  2. Cristy, Which of these apps would you recommend starting with? I am moving from a chromebook school to an iPad school and do not want to overwhelm myself or my students with too many apps. I would also like to gain experience and aptitude with one or two before adding others. Thanks, Rebecca

    1. Hi, Rebecca! It's tough to narrow down to two apps, but it makes sense to start small and grow as you explore and gain experience. That's how my list came about!

      My recommendation would always be to go with apps that can be used over and over again for a variety of tasks. To begin, I'd say Explain Everything (ShowMe if students/the district won't be purchasing apps.) and Popplet(There's a light version that is free.) Both of these apps have great potential in the classroom. I just added you on Google Plus and saw that you are (were?) in SC. Looked for you on Twitter, but couldn't find you. Are you there?

  3. Hi Christy! I am on Twitter as @davis0670. I really don't tweet but I do try to follow #langchat on Thursdays and I follow your posts - some really good stuff, BTW. I am moving from Dent Middle in Richland 2 to Spring Hill HS in Lex/Rich 5. I am getting my iPad tomorrow and then have to figure out how the thing works. My 15 year old has told me that she will teach me everything I need to know. ;-)

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